The Ministry continues to make significant investments in education through the piloting of the One Laptop Per Student initiative. It is anticipated that through the use of integrated technology in the classrooms, pupils will achieve a deeper appreciation of the concepts being taught. At the secondary level, each pupil is now the proud owner of a laptop which greatly enhances the teaching and learning process. Additionally, we seek to partner with other ministries in developing the creative talents of our students in developing applications which can provide substantial amounts of income over time. Hence, this initiative is geared not only for the immediate learning needs of our students but towards their overall long term development.

Welcome to the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Initiative of the Ministry of Education, Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. We are pleased to present you with important information to get you started in the programme.

OLPC Netbook Information Kit (Volume 1 - A special supplement of the Ministry of Education)

OLPC News v1.1
OLPC News v1.2

Netbook Handbook for Students, Parents and Teachers
Netbook Handbook for Schools - Booklet Version

Orientation Session Presentation Slide
Orientation Session
Orientation Session Handouts

Laptop Agreement Forms
Form D: Netbook Loan Request Agreement
Form E: Netbook Repair Form

Guidelines for Acceptable Use
MoE Guidelines for Acceptable Use of Technology Resources


Minister of Education
Hon. St. Clair Prince
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Our Mission
To provide all persons of the state life long learning opportunities appropriate to their developmental needs and to ensure quality of education that will equip them with the required values, skills, attitude and knowledge necessary for creating and maintaining a productive, innovative and harmonious society.

Contact Information

Permanent Secretary

Mr. Myccle Burke (Ag)
Telephone: (784) 457-1104
PBX: (784) 456-1111 Ext: 441


The Ministry of Education is located on Halifax Street, within the sameĀ compoundĀ as the Ministry of Transport, Works, Urban Development and Local Government.