"This day belongs to us”- the words of Valedictorian of the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (SVGCC), Division of Technical and Vocational Education, Miss Shanika Samuel. Indeed, the day belonged to the graduating class of the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies, Nursing Education, Teacher Education, and Technical and Vocational Education.

Tuesday, 27th June, would be a day forever etched in the minds of the SVGCC graduating class of 2017, who came out in their finest to accept their certificates of completion from various study programmes. The graduation ceremony took place at the Victoria Park, where hundreds of well-wishers gathered to see their loved ones receive well-earned certificates of completion.

This is the 8th amalgamated SVGCC graduation ceremony, according to the Chairman of the SVGCC Board of Directors, Dr. Simone Keizer-Beache. She stressed the commitment of the Board and staff of the SVGCC, in working tirelessly to create a more efficient institution.

In his address, Director of the SVGCC, Mr. Nigel Scott, told the 2017 graduating class, that it was just the beginning, and that life ahead would present challenges, but there would be days of pleasures as well.

Local entertainer, Mr. Gamal Doyle, better known as "Skinny Fabulous", delivered the feature address. Mr. Doyle reminded graduands of the need to be grateful to their parents who supported them thus far.

The award for top performer in the Division of Nursing Education went to Miss Shandeen Johnson-DaSouza - Registered Nursing programme. Miss DaSouza also captured the General Nursing Council Award. Top performer in the Division of Teacher Education was Miss Shekemma Humphrey of the Early Childhood Education programme; and in the secondary programme, Miss Shecania Small. Ms. Small also copped the Divisional Award for Excellence.

Top performers in the Division of Technical and Vocational Education were: Miss Kelita Pope, Home Economics programme; Miss Adonica Bynoe-Barnon, Industrial Arts programme; with the Divisional Award for Excellence going to Miss Shenika Samuel, a student from the Business Studies programme, specifically, Accounting. Top performer in the Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies was Miss Abigail Scott.

The Valedictory address highlighted the importance of second chances, and that one can triumph despite seemingly insurmountable challenges. This was justly delivered by the top performer in the Technical and Vocational Education Division's Certificate Programme, Miss Shenika Samuel.

The SVGCC lost several students in tragic circumstances over the past months, thus the Board of Directors and the staff thought it fit to present to the parents of the deceased students, post humous awards.

Over the past two, three and/or four years, the graduates of the SVGCC dreamt, achieved, and lived to see their dreams become a reality.



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