Welcome to the Ministry of Education, (MOE) Web Page. As the process of change continues to transform and shape our society, the Ministry of Education feels that is imperative that new methods of accessing, sharing and communicating information be embraced. It is for this reason that this Web Page has been created to provide information on issues related to education in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We trust that you will find the site useful and informative.

The MOE, in pursuing its mission is guided by some key principles and values, which are given full expression in the Education Development Sector Plan. These principles and values include:

  • Achievement - the prime function of the plan is to raise the standard of achievement in all aspects of education, but in particular, in literacy and in numeracy to support life-long education.

  • Equity will continue to be addressed through modifications to the structure of the education system, through the deployment of trained staff and through the promotion of equity of opportunity and treatment for all learners.

  • Access will continue to be increased to pre-primary, secondary, special, tertiary, adult and continuing education while universal access to primary education will be maintained.

  • Quality will continue to be improved through the extension of teacher training, constant upgrading of the curriculum and related materials, leading to more stimulating and challenging learning environments.

  • Efficiency will be improved through restricting the MOEYS to focus on delivery and monitoring of the progress of this plan, and in effecting changes within each teaching institution to optimize allocation and use of resources.


Minister of Education
St. Clair Prince