Common Entrance Pass List 2012

This year’s Common Entrance Examination concluded on Friday, June 1st 2012. The number of students registered was 2141. Of these, 2119 wrote the examination. The proportion of students who met the prescribed standard was 53.09%. The highest average score is 95.16%, the same as the highest average score in 2011. There were 8 students in this year’s exam who earned in excess of 90% of the total marks.  There were 91 students who scored 80% or more of the total marks. Of the 1076 males who wrote the examination 486 (45.16%) met the required standard, while of the 1043 females, 639 (61.26%) met the standard. 

Iana Ferguson of the Kingstown Preparatory School was the top student, with an average of 95.16%. In second place was Shane Cadougan of the Windsor Primary School, with 93.01%. Tying for third place were Jonathan Geowarsingh and Jordan Hamlett, both of the Kingstown Preparatory School, with 91.94%.


The first 10 places were taken by the following Schools:

Kingstown Preparatory School (5 students)
St. Mary’s R.C. School (2 students)
Calliaqua Anglican Primary School (1 student)
Marriaqua Government School (1 student)
Windsor Primary School (1 student)

The Subject performance can be summarized as follows:

Highest scores

G.P. = 96.67%     (Iana Ferguson and Aranique Jackson of the Kingstown Preparatory School, Shemar Cato of St. Mary’s  
Roman Catholic School and Marese Blugh of the Kingstown Government School)                
English = 92.42% (Iana Ferguson of the Kingstown Preparatory School).
Maths = 98.33%  (Brandon Hadaway-Fraser of the Calliaqua Anglican Primary School and Saeed Bowman of the Sugar Mill

The criteria for determining the acceptable standards are:


(1) students earn at least half of the total marks available
(2) students earn not less than 1/3 of the total marks on any one paper

To view results click on the link below.

Common Entrance Pass List 2012